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How We Got Started...

During his clinical hours, it was eye-opening to Dr. Gupta the number of patients with vitamin and mineral deficiencies through poor diet or gastrointestinal issues affecting absorption.

At around the same time, one of his close friends in Leesburg shared his poor experience at a local ER. His friend, Matt W., had to go to the hospital because his son was not eating anything.

They gave him an IV bag with fluids and sent him home. Even though he had insurance, he received a bill for $10,000 and spent hours in the emergency room surrounded by others who were infectious.

That is when Dr. Gupta realized he could use his medical expertise to provide needed treatments and a better service more efficiently for his community in Northern Virginia, while holding the treatments to the highest medical standards.

Matt now chooses to use our service for the convenience, enormous savings, and decreased exposure to infections by receiving treatment in the comfort of his own home.

There is a BETTER way!

Whether it is simple hydration with electrolytes, or a specialized bag, we have you covered. Feel free to call us and we can customize a bag for you based on your specific needs.

Why choose Metta IV Therapy?

We ensure a high level of sterility, safety and professionalism with years of experience in the IV Treatment industry.

Simple and Accessible Treatment wherever you are, whether it’s your home, office, or school.

Relief from every symptom such as nausea, pain, dehydration, migraines, stomach pain, heartburns, etc.

Delivery of important nutrients straight into your bloodstream for an instant recovery that lasts.

Affordable than other IV therapy providers in the market.

We Provide Mobile, In-Home IV Therapy Services.

NAD+ Injection Therapy

We offer NAD+ injections for patients to self-administer at home.

NAD+ Nasal Spray

We deliver NAD nasal sprays directly to your door for easy self-administration.


Hydration Therapy

Our IV drip therapies and shots offer you a different, natural, and efficient solution for wellness. Our treatment's active ingredients have been shown to be both safe and effective in clinical studies.

Registered Nurses with experience give our therapies in a calm setting. We never stop learning about our field so we can always give you the greatest, most cutting-edge care possible so you can feel great every day.

100% Vitamin Absorption

Better Sleep Patterns

Strengthen Immunity


We deliver NAD nasal sprays directly to your door for easy self-administration and fast results.


We Provide Mobile, In-Home IV Therapy Services. No Travel Required.

Meet Our Team

Metta Recovery Offers a variety of IV blends formulated to target a variety of symptoms, please see below options:


Donald Thomas



Mia Yamasaki



John Smith

Medical Assistant

Johnny Schmidt


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